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Tex Plastics is UK based and financially secure,  combining the two production facilities of Barnstaple in North Devon and Derby in the East Midlands

Both production facilities are wholly owned by TEX Group Ltd and the two companies combine to form the Plastics Division of the Group.

Tex Group Limited Barnstaple and Tex Group Limited Derby enjoy the benefits of shared expertise, buying power and all the support of each sister company, although both companies operate as independent profit centres to ensure they remain highly competitive.

The two production facilities have developed a common internal management process – FOCUS – to ensure that Tex Plastics clients get the best solution for their requirements. This includes established overseas alliances with preferred partners in the UK, China and Europe for both new tooling and Injection Moulding to offer the best fit for a clients needs.

Tex Plastics has developed into specific niche markets

Each of the Tex Plastics production facilities has developed into specific niche markets, and the knowledge and expertise ensures industry sector understanding. As a result, the production facilities and quality assurance classifications across Tex Plastics are focused on the individual requirements that are specific to each of the industry sectors currently served by the company. Tex Plastics strategy is to offer a much more niche service, through developing production to match the needs of the industry sectors here in the UK.

Giving you a single point of contact to deliver higher performing, lower cost solutions

The team at Tex Plastics are focused on helping you develop higher performing, lower cost solutions for your products. Every stage of production from design (or product refresh) to moulding services such as finishing and assembly can be completed with very short lead-times, meaning that the customer can expect their order in as little as seven days in some cases.

Each company has chosen specific niche markets

This means both facilities have developed a broad range of industry knowledge and expertise, which means your whole manufacturing process could benefit. In addition, their production facilities and quality assurance classifications are focused on the requirements of the specific industry sectors chosen.

Looking for a plastic injection moulding supplier who will actively seek out ways to reduce your costs and increase your products’ performance. Call Tex Plastics because our industry sector knowledge, expertise and lean processes will give you The Edge.

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