Do your products require technical mouldings, sophisticated manufacturing processes or complex finishing techniques?

Whether its already plastic injection moulded or you are just considering it, you should talk to us – what have you got to lose?

No matter what sector you are in we can help you be more competitive – whether its a highly technical metal replacement part, life critical safety equipment or something more ordinary.

Tex Plastics have the technical capability to advise on the most effective solution for your application or environment. The range of options available for plastic injection moulding has never been so great and it is easy to fall into the trap of buying injection moulding as a commodity.

Tex will work with you and your designers to ensure that the product is designed to get the optimum component for your specific requirements. No matter what your driving criteria, you can be sure our experience in tooling design, mould flow and polymer selection is second to none.

Whatever combination you require; be it highly technical metal replacement or biodegradable with security of intellectual property rights, Tex Injection Moulding has the experience and expertise to deliver you the most sustainable cost effective solution.

Tex Group Limited is the partner you have been looking for to help you improve your product

Find out how we can help you drive waste out of your plastics injection moulded parts and associated supply chain