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QK Honeycomb Products

Manufacture and sale of lightweight boards and panels.

Green credentials for an expanding market

QK Honeycomb Products, which include the brand name Quikaboard is a simple product concept with a vast range of options. It’s ingenious design and manufacturing process incorporates a lightweight honeycomb panel using recycled card and paper pulp. Manufactured at low temperatures using recycled materials, its also completely biodegradable which makes this material an ideal choice for low environmental impact interior applications.

The UK’s foremost manufacturer of furniture for touring and motor caravans

Technically engineered for maximum strength and minimum weight, Quikaboard can be combined with a range of laminates to further extend the aesthetic versatility of this material. In addition Quikaboard panels can be painted, printed or fabric covered, foil faced and vacuum formed. Making it the most versatile product for a wide range of applications including exhibition design, point of sale and decorative ceiling systems.

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