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Why Tex Plastics has the edge in component development and how they can add real value to your product


Design-rationalisation, assessment and 360° review at the start of all new component production pays massive dividends. It results in a more robust and ‘fit for purpose’ component with minimal waste, which is manufactured in the most efficient way. This is a fundamental element of our management process. It is key to minimising lead-times and reducing all elements of risk before going into full production.

Once our in-house design team have completely understood the key requirements of the component, they undertake detailed perfomance and mouldflow analysis. This accurately predicts how any given material will behave in the application concerned – an essential part of the material selection tool design process.

The whole process will be project managed by one of our technical solutions managers, who will have specific experience in your sector. This minimises the communication chain and guarantees that critical paths are strictly adhered to, consistency is achieved and budgets are not exceeded.

Comprehensive facilities at both Tex Plastics (Barnstaple) and Tex Plastics (Derby) enable them to carry out either total manufacture, minor modification or refurbishment of mould tools - virtually eliminating the use of costly subcontractors.

This tooling expertise uniquely places them to select the best tool making partners for your requirements. Cost, lead- times and quality needs allow us to source the preferred partner from our global relationships with tooling manufacturers, enabling you to acquire the best possible solution to bring your product to the market on time with the least risk.

Design and Prototyping Management Process:

Commitment to meet or exceed customer expectations through our 360° review of product and supply chain
Streamlined communication through dedicated ‘sector focused’ technical solutions manager
Realistic development schedule and tooling manufacturer selected based upon client and component criteria
Sampling and development completed to full approval by the toolmaker and managed by Tex Plastics
Pre-production completed at Tex Plastics using the local technical skills employed for full product approval

Give your product the edge and let us add real value - Tex Plastics: Design & Protoyping.


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