Moulded Plastic Parts

Tex Plastics provides precision moulded plastic parts from two facilities, Barnstaple – providing injection moulding to the South West and Derby – providing injection moulding for the Midlands.


Helping you to get the best possible moulded plastic parts

The Edge in business means optimising the marginal differences. Our quarterly newsletter and moulded plastic parts news reveals how we help our customers realise this. Precision Plastic Injection Moulding starts with design-rationalisation built in at every stage. This results in you getting a plastic component manufactured with minimal waste because every element from design to assembly is done the most efficient way. Let us help you to streamline your component supply chain, reduce lead-times and maximise the cost-effectiveness of the component produced.

11 March 2024

Welcome to Lucy Wood, Apprentice Accountant

TEX Plastics continues its focus on apprenticeship positions with the recent appointment of Lucy, with a diverse range of roles, we aim to provide career opportunities not simply a job to gain a qualification.
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10 February 2024

Love Moulded at TEX Plastics!

With such a wide and diverse workforce, TEX Plastics is known for looking after its people, but we never thought of ourselves as a matchmaker - maybe we should!
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15 January 2024

Good luck in retirement Nigel Partridge!

This will be the last time you see the familiar face of Nigel on the TEX Plastics website and newsletters, as he retires after decades of being the Sales Manager at TEX Plastics.
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18 December 2023

Sustainable plastic injection moulded parts

TEX Plastics injection moulding processes are designed to be more environmentally friendly, by contributing to sustainable manufacturing practices and reducing the overall environmental impact of plastic production.
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25 September 2023

Tex Plastics making waves at GRIPS

The event, now in its third year, took place on May 10-11, 2023, and attracted a diverse array of over 1000 delegates from various industries, all eager to explore the latest developments in plastic sustainability.
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21 August 2023

Safeguarding customer trust

As Tex Plastics and the Tex Group transition to this exciting new phase of investment, we are also working towards the Cyber Essentials Accreditation.
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22 May 2023

Good Luck to Paul Quipp

Paul has been with Tex Plastics too many years to mention, and we thank him for his service as he retires at the end of March.
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13 March 2023

Barnstaples’ F1 Pit Crew!

The impact of a full 360 business SWOT to support the capital investment plans at Tex Barnstaple, identified just how critical it was to invest in Apprenticeships and on-the-job training. Essentially the people were like an F1 pit crew. They needed t...
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6 February 2023

Medical and technology moulding

Increasing demand for injection moulding to create the highest quality products across the medical and technology fields has driven the change at Tex Plastics Barnstaple site.
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21 December 2022

...And the 2022 winner is Tex Plastics!

Officially recognised as an industry leading example of sustainable investment in training and effectiveness of skills transfer, together with excellent personal appraisal and development programmes.
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28 November 2022

Good Manufacturing Practice

GMP principles are a foundation for the manufacture of plastic injection moulded components for the healthcare and medical device sector.
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10 October 2022

On Target for ISO 13485

With our gap analysis and process implementation complete, we're on target for full ISO 13485 accreditation in December this year!
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11 July 2022

Tex Plastics Training Award Nomination

Sierra 57 Consult, the Recruitment Experts to the Plastics, Packaging and Precision Engineering Industries has nominated Tex Plastics for a national industry training award.
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11 April 2022

Secondary Operations Manager Promotion

Curtis Elliott has risen through the ranks at Tex Plastics to become Secondary Operations Manager at the Derby facility, to take control over all secondary moulding processes.
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7 February 2022

In-house Plastic Mould Toolroom Expertise

Tex Plastics have appointed highly experienced Gary Shead as Toolroom Manager at their Derby facility. This continues the impressive investment programme and further boosts Tex Plastics in-house capabilities.
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3 January 2022

Interplas 2021

It was great to showcase Tex Plastics at the UK's leading plastics industry event.
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1 November 2021

Cleanroom expansion installation complete

Barnstaple cleanroom manufacturing has significantly increased its capacity with the recent addition of a new 300 tonne machine. However the growth in this area of plastic injection moulding continues to grow and as a result the next phase of expansi...
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11 October 2021

Working towards ISO 13485

With the increase in medical device plastic injection moulding, Tex Plastics are now working towards the medical device industry’s most widely used international standard for quality management.
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5 July 2021

Now simply Tex Plastics

With the systemic changes in the economy during the last 18 months, Tex Holdings has taken the decision to merge the two businesses.
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15 February 2021

Domestic Appliance Injection Moulding

Tex Plastics have unrivaled expertise in manufacturing high volumes of ‘A’ surface and internal components for leading manufacturers of household showers, as well as hygiene and washroom products.
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1 February 2021

Injection Moulding Tool Room Expansion

Injection moulding of intricate plastic components is on the increase, having the in-house tool room function to manage and maintain the increasingly complex moulds is essential.
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23 November 2020

Rapid Plastic Prototyping

With speed to market a key requirement in the critical path of a new product development roadmap, rapid plastic prototyping is an essential component of the Tex Plastics offer.
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16 November 2020

Injection moulding complex plastic parts

With the development of metal 3D printing the complexity of moulds is now virtually unlimited, which means the plastic moulding of intricate plastic components is on the increase.
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18 May 2020

Investing in in-house Toolmakers

With growing injection mould sizes; the increasing complexity of technical moulding; coupled with the growing additive manufacturing influence on mould making; Tex Plastics are adding to their toolmaking team to provide greater control in-house.
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20 April 2020

Surge in hand gel dispensers

As one of the top injection moulders in washroom solutions, Tex Plastics have responded to a dramatic increase in demand for hand sanitiser dispensers.
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24 February 2020

Injection Moulding Design For Manufacture

Getting the best results is about correct design and manufacture of the injection mould tool that forms the part, on the correct choice of material and correct use of the injection moulding machine.
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9 December 2019

Relocating injection moulding to the UK

When a leading feminine hygiene and washroom services provider reviewed it's European injection moulding and supply chain with a view to optimising efficiencies, quality and costs, Tex Plastics were asked to provide a solution.
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26 November 2019

Careers at Tex Plastics

Nobody leaves school with a burning ambition to work in a plastic injection moulding manufacturing facility. This means having to work harder to attract and retain the brightest people with the qualities and attitude we're looking for.
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19 November 2019

New 650 tonne machine

Additional capacity required at Derby due to increasing orders from a mix of existing customer accounts growing as well as new account wins, has resulted in the purchase of an additional 650 tonne machine and crane.
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11 November 2019

Home Grown Timber

Sophie Hodgson is the latest Apprentice Appointment at Tex Plastics, and joins the Quality Assurance team as a Quality Engineer.
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11 September 2019

Investment in laser welding for injection moulding tooling

Building on the business plan to reduce our carbon footprint, our investment in laser welding means we can repair tooling in-house. This reduces both the time needed to transport to and from the mould tool servicing supplier as well as the time manag...
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4 September 2019

What will 3D printing mean for plastic manufactured parts?

The mid-20th century developments in chemical technologies resulted in an explosion of new plastics and the ability to mass manufacture plastic products. Today these parts are ubiquitous but they typically have a common manufacturing characteristic -...
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26 August 2019

Growth of recycled plastics in injection moulding

Plastics are a finite and valuable resource, so the best outcome after their initial use is typically to be recycled into a new product. But not so long ago, many injection moulders wouldn’t consider using recycled plastics because of the issues wi...
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8 August 2019

In-line recycling of plastic waste reduces costs

Capturing waste plastic and channelling it into efficient recycling and recovery routes is widely recognised as a key way to reduce costs and the environmental impact across the plastics injection moulding industry.
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30 July 2019

Tex Plastics 3 Pillars of Eco Efficiency

A focus to reduce overall waste across Tex Plastics making our operations as efficient as possible – using fewer resources and generating less waste. Our ambitious eco-efficiency pillars focus in three areas.
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19 July 2019

Daniel now recruiting his own ‘automation apprentice’

Former Tex Plastics maintenance apprentice Daniel Tanser has risen through the ranks and now heads up the automation team. His apprenticeship journey from maintenance to robotics was a great example of the opportunities at Tex Plastics for those seek...
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21 June 2019

Tex Plastics Partnership to Recruit

With new contracts, increased internal opportunities and more flexible working opportunities, we find ourselves continually recruiting to discover the right candidates.
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17 June 2019

Custom Plastic Moulding UK

Bespoke moulding solutions from concept, prototype and 3D printing to full production manufacture. Plastic mouldings are in a range of custom colours, shapes and sizes for high volume and technical plastic injection moulding applications.
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10 June 2019

Design for Manufacturing Injection Moulding

The implementation of Design For Manufacturing (DFM) practices varies by engineering discipline and manufacturing process, but here at Tex Plastics, they relate mostly to plastic injection moulding to bring plastic product concepts to life.
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8 April 2019

Plastic Injection Moulding Manufacturers

Precision engineering for plastic components working to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standards, Tex Plastics Barnstaple offers cleanroom and white room plastic injection moulding manufacturing solutions.
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4 April 2019

Injection Moulding Derby

Precision engineering for plastic components working to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standards, Tex Plastics Derby offers plastic injection moulding manufacturing solutions together with an extensive range of in-house post mould finishing and assembly options.
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4 March 2019

Eurotex International

Eurotex International are the world-renowned, Lloyd’s registered engine refurbishment specialist offering through-life support of marine, traction and land based diesel engines.
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18 February 2019

Airfield Damage Repair Sales

Airfield Damage Repair (ADR) is an essential part of airbase survival. ADR provides the repair of Minimum Aircraft Operating Surfaces (MAOS) so that operational flying can be quickly resumed.
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4 February 2019


Design and assembly of bespoke high-quality diesel-powered electrical generator sets.
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28 January 2019

Tex Special Projects

Design and manufacture of bespoke and modular structures; radio frequency-blocking glazing for both civilian and military applications.
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21 January 2019

Tex A.T.C. Air Traffic Control Room Design

Tex ATC Services are a niche engineering group who are recognised as the global leaders in air traffic control room design, manufacture and installation. Providing Visual Control Rooms (VCR’s) solutions for both civilian and military applications w...
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14 January 2019

Opportunities Unlimited at Tex Plastics

After attending a North Devon ‘Disability Confident’ event hosted by Pluss, Kevin Payne Operations Manager at Tex Plastics Barnstaple arranged a meeting to explore how Tex Plastics could take part in the ‘Opportunities Unlimited’ welfare-to-w...
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7 January 2019

Tex Plastics Division Focus on Productivity

For workforces to be more productive, they need more skills. This has resulted in a combination of recruiting new apprentices and up-skilling current staff. Working with an external agency we have developed bespoke plans which are affordable for the ...
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2 January 2019

Hard or Soft - Britain will succeed

With only months left before Brexit, UK manufacturing is preparing for possible changes in customs procedures, impact on supply chains, and the potential of much more.
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12 November 2018

UK Plastic Injection Moulding

Lee Barker, Tex Plastics director, explains how UK plastic injection moulding is making a strong commercial argument to those who have their plastic moulding offshore.
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5 November 2018

Next Generation Plastic Injection Moulding

Over a £million’s investment on robotics and new ‘industry leading, energy efficient’ plastic injection moulding equipment provides customers of Tex Plastics Barnstaple and Derby with more flexible scheduling amongst many other benefits.
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22 October 2018

UK Plastic Moulding Companies

More energy efficient machines and the increased use of collaborative robots strengthens Tex Plastics position within leading UK Plastic Injection Moulding Companies.
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8 October 2018

Plastic Moulding Factory

With a significant investment in next generation plastic injection moulding technology and collaborative robots, Tex Plastics Barnstaple gave their plastic moulding factory a makeover.
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1 October 2018

New Plastic Moulding Process Manager

New process manager, Richard Bromley (left) strengthens the Tex Barnstaple team, bringing over 25 years of plastic moulding process experience. Justin Davis (Managing Director of Tex Plastics) explains how the business must constantly seek to improve.
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4 May 2018

New Quality Engineer Appointed

Tex Plastics have appointed Alina Oganesyan to assist in developing and fostering a continuous improvement culture, continually seeking out cost reduction and efficiency improvement initiatives.
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1 February 2018

Washroom Towel Cabinets - Uniquely British

If you ever visit public toilets in the UK and overseas, you’ll notice the faithful ‘roller towel’ is rarely seen outside the UK. The British culture of laundered towels as the preferred way to dry hands, could be argued as the ultimate environ...
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1 November 2017

Manufacturing returns to UK from China

Quality control, reliability of supply and currency fluctuations all factored in a leading marine safety equipment manufacturer deciding to bring production back to the UK.
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30 September 2016

Smart Metering boxes get new ‘smarter polymer’

Battery powered data loggers and electronic pressure controllers are used for water and gas distribution networks to remotely monitor usage through ‘smart meters’. Tex Plastics were approached by a leading ‘smart meter’ manufacturer to help d...
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10 August 2016

£475,000 investment in robotics for Tex Plastics Derby

The 1300-tonne Arburg Allrounder 420C Golden and Multilift Select, was part of an overall spend of £900k in new infrastructure across the two Tex Plastics facilities; Barnstaple; offering injection moulding in the South West UK; and Derby providing ...
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16 June 2016

60% Reduction in Cost for Ophthalmic Device

Ultra-widefield imaging provides clinicians with a much broader view of the retinal periphery, which can translate to earlier recognition of disease progression and potentially treatment intervention. So when a leading provider of devices to eyecare ...
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6 May 2016

Personal Emergency Response Device

With an ageing population, more people living alone and increased legislation for lone workers, personal emergency response devices are no longer for the frail and infirm.
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11 April 2016

Fire Fighters Breathing Equipment

There are few environments more dangerous than those a fire fighter is challenged with entering. Often volatile, toxic and unpredictable – the fire fighters life is protected by state of the art breathing apparatus and sophisticated personal protec...
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1 January 2016

Giving Our Customers an Edge Over Their Competitors

If OEM’s view purchasing of plastic injection moulding as a commodity price, they may pay a higher price in the long run. An ‘edge’ in terms of competitiveness doesn’t come from saving a fraction off the unit costs of a few plastic components...
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