Metal Replacement Scope Sterilising Container Reduces Costs by 66%

Metal Replacement Scope Sterilising Container Reduces Costs by 66%

Many Sterile Service departments struggle to wash and sterilise scopes and long instruments in a cost effective way.

To process such items, Sterile Service Managers must use either a long wide container that uses a lot of space in the washer disinfectors and autoclaves for just one set of scopes or instruments. Or they have to purchase a cumbersome, heavy and very expensive stainless steel scope container.

Developed by users to save running costs

The design concept was developed by users in Operating Rooms and Sterile Service processing departments. Key to the new design was being able to process multiple sets of scopes or long instruments at the same time. Which meant a core design feature was being able to fit four containers on one shelf in the washer disinfector at the same time. Saving the Operating Room and Sterile Service processing departments time and money processing.

Designed by Tex Plastics to reduced manufacturing of large DIN tray by 66%

Working closely with the client - one of the originators of sterilisable polyware for hospitals and a major supplier to a worldwide customer base of hospitals and medical distributors – the Tex Plastics technical team researched a range of high tech polymers. The design process involved several innovations; from Silicone grips to ensure delicate scope and instruments doesn’t get damaged during the cleaning and sterilising process; to smooth corners preventing damage to wrapping papers.

Manufactured from tough polypropylene compatible with ETO, Steam and Gas Plasma Sterilisation

From selection of the technical polymer to deliver the combination of strength and light weight the brief requested, to the ultra thin product moulding which hit the usability requirements. Tex Plastics were able to help the designers enhance the manufactured product so it could meet the extremely demanding environmental and usage requirements.

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