Fire Fighters Breathing Equipment

Fire Fighters Breathing Equipment

 There are few environments more dangerous than those a fire fighter is challenged with entering. Often volatile, toxic and unpredictable – the fire fighters life is protected by state of the art breathing apparatus and sophisticated personal protection clothing. Nothing can fail in such an environment!

Zero failure rate for breathing apparatus components

Creating parts and precision plastic moulded components that will ultimately end up in an unimaginably dangerous situation sharpens the mind. Working on projects which means the product you make, saving or potentially costing someone their life, takes quality control to a whole new level.

High temperature polymer enhances fire safety performance

When working on ‘life critical’ projects the 360 review has additional considerations to take into account but the basic process is the same. So when the leading manufacturer of fire fighter equipment needed their plastic component manufacturers to help with a ‘next generation’ product refresh, the challenge was to increase safety. With ongoing advances in polymers, the most extensive research and testing was in this area. A new, highly technical polymer was identified as being suitable for the components required.

The 360˚ product review reduced weight, manufacturing costs and enhanced safety performance

With a redesign of tooling and the change of polymer, it enabled ultra thin moulding to hit the clients usability requirements. Manufactured using robotic cell assembly also shortened lead-times, so even with Intensive testing and product validation, the clients supply chain shortened - further reducing the manufacturing costs.

Would you like a 360˚ review on a product you have, or could have injection moulded?

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