Retro gaming unit with ‘tomorrows world’ look and ergonomics

Retro gaming unit with ‘tomorrows world’ look and ergonomics

When delivering a new games console, there is stiff competition and high expectations. The product needs to look the part, be tactile and robust in design. On top of this the outer casing has to protect the electronics it houses within.

The most talked about retro console of 2015

Created for all adults and children aged seven and upwards, the retro games console is pre-loaded with 1000 licensed games. It plays the games by connecting to both your TV’s USB port for it’s power, and its video/audio inputs for the signal. The sophisticated electronics includes a built-in virtual keyboard and ready-mapped buttons for all included games.

Working closely with the client, the Tex Plastics precision plastic moulding design team delivered a winner

When launching any new product it’s critical to ensure everyone shares the same vision. Then working as a single team the end result is more than the sum of it’s parts – and so it is for the Vega.

“As a piece of hardware it's absolutely gorgeous, full-size, curved and smooth, and resembling the original Spectrum in almost every way ..”

Wired Magazine

Tex Plastics helped re-launch a classic with many surprise bonuses

Having input in the design process helped incorporate best moulding practices and enabled the consolidation of parts into a single injection mould tool. Through careful selection of an advanced technical polymer, resulted in enhanced aesthetics and finishing costs minimised. Plastic component assembly costs were reduced through clever fixing techniques and this also streamlined the clients inventory.

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