60% Reduction in Cost for Ophthalmic Device

60% Reduction in Cost for Ophthalmic Device

Ultra-widefield imaging provides clinicians with a much broader view of the retinal periphery, which can translate to earlier recognition of disease progression and potentially treatment intervention. So when a leading provider of devices to eyecare professionals set out to produce an ultra-widefield, high resolution digital imaging solution, they had a big task ahead of them.

The solution was smaller, better and more detailed

It now needed a suitable housing so it could be used with patients in a live environment. Tex Plastics worked with the devices’ manufacturer to help develop a precision plastic moulding suitable for the casing. It needed to be a desktop use device, the ergonomic body is designed to increase patient comfort, as well as make it easier to correctly position the eye for image capture.  This device has the potential to offer ophthalmologists and optometrists the most powerful tools for disease diagnosis, monitoring and management.  

Advanced technical polymers ensured the housing was comfortable, hygienic and hypoallergenic

Understanding how the product worked and needed to perform, from the positioning of the patients eye was invaluable in the development of the right solution. Working closely with the client the team at Tex Plastics injection moulding, South West UK, were able to add value to the process with expert polymer selection. Understanding the importance of comfort influenced the moulding and fixing techniques to contribute to the ground breaking device for vitreo-retinal specialists and ophthalmologists .

Multiple complex parts, simplified into a single moulding

With a redesign of tooling and the change of polymer, it enabled ultra thin moulding to hit the clients usability requirements. Consolidation of parts into a single assembly also shortened lead-times, so even with Intensive testing and product validation, the clients supply chain shortened - further reducing the plastic component manufacturing costs.

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