Next generation water heater has improved performance at reduced cost

Next generation water heater has improved performance at reduced cost

When designing ‘next generation’ products making notable improvements in performance, appearance and saving ‘manufacturing cost’ is the name of the game. Which is why Tex Plastics work with manufacturers to explore every avenue to achieve these goals.

Engineered heat stable metal replacement components

One such saving was through replacing metal components with precision plastic moulding - creating components which improved commercial competitiveness whilst continuing to deliver WRAS approved status.

Innovation is about seeing the whole picture

Only through looking at each element as a part of the whole manufacturing process, through a collaborative approach working with the client, results in significant cost reductions. Redesigned injection mould tooling enabled unit costs to be reduced. Several components were consolidated into a single moulding, reducing production and plastic component assembly costs. This in turn reduced the clients inventory, shortened their supply chain and reduced packaging costs. Looking at how everything within a project interconnects enables the team here to add real value whilst delivering significant ‘cost down.’

Reducing moulding costs doesn’t make the big difference

All too often moulding is hawked around plastic component manufacturers as if it were a simple commodity price. Tex Plastics and their clients understand it’s difficult to make significant savings if you’re restricted to cutting costs in this one area. Which is why Tex Plastics have one of the most extensive and comprehensive range of plastic injection supply solutions at their disposal.

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