7 Steps to Design and Prototyping Plastic Components to Improve Results

7 Steps to Design and Prototyping Plastic Components to Improve Results

If you’re looking to bring a new product to market, Tex Plastics are uniquely positioned to help make it happen. At the start of all new component production, we implement a 360˚ review process.

This is to understand how and where the elements we are producing fit within your finished product. This process is key to minimising lead-times and reducing all elements of risk before going into production.

Making you savings at every stage in the process

Working with you, your product designer and our lean manufacturing technicians, we implement a design rationalisation assessment as a part of the 360˚ review processes carried out. Doing this means at the start, before any new plastic component is manufactured, Tex Plastics is able to deliver a more robust and ‘fit for purpose’ solution. The manufacturing process is designed with minimal waste from prototype to delivery of the components, plastic component assembly or finished product.

1 - Concept design, re-engineering of designs and prototyping concept design

Understanding your vision, performance criteria and financial needs – these are key components of the 360˚ review process. Our commitment to meet or exceed your expectations means a review of the product, the components which need moulding and supply chain to the finished article. Our experience in your industry enables us to add value to the design process and challenge thinking to seek a better way.

2 - Material selection, specification and latest polymer technology

The mechanical properties, mouldability characteristics and cost of polymer are critical in prototyping and low-volume part production. The material strength, resistance, dimensional stability and other characteristics of polymers used in thermoplastics all need to be considered. Life-span, and production cost. – not to mention the aesthetic qualities which may be required. 

3 - Detailed mould flow analysis improved moulding processes

It’s possible to accurately predict how any given material will behave in its given application. This is in turn an essential part of the material selection through the injection mould tool design process. The comprehensive package of design and prototyping services provided by Tex Plastics comprises concept design, re-engineering of designs, prototyping, mould flow projections, material selection and specification, stereolithographic (SLA) and selective laser sintering (SLS) models, and vacuum castings.

4 – Rapid prototyping in a range of plastics

Prototypes in a range of plastics, are produced in-house using the most appropriate method for your product. There are advantages and disadvantages to every prototyping technique and our technicians are experts at selecting the most relevant method to optimise your designs for manufacturing. Whether prototyping to enable visualisation of the parts during the conceptual stages of engineering design through to early stage functional testing. SLA (stereolithography) and SLS (stereo laser sintering) prototyping means complex shapes can be made quickly and prototypes can be used for engineering testing or as master models for polyurethane vacuum casting moulds.   

5 - A broad base of injection moulding solutions

A substantial investment programme across the business means Tex Plastics has the very latest manufacturing processes. Ranging from multi-shot moulding of tight tolerance parts to friction welding of metal replacement tanks and containers. Tex Plastics has comprehensive facilities offering injection moulding in the South West at its Barnstaple site; and injection moulding in the Midlands at its Derby facility. This includes the ability to carry out minor modification or refurbishment of mould tools. Every possible factor is designed into the production process to mitigate waste and maximise your component quality and consistency.

6 - Production and post manufacture solutions

Transferring in-house or out-sourced third party processes to Tex Plastics provides you with a totally integrated process that results in a one-stop finished product – it reduces cost, lead-times and unnecessary supply chain management headaches. Additional services such as finishing and assembly mean Tex Plastics can be a single point of contact. This can dramatically reduce lead times, meaning its possible to get delivery from order in as little as seven days. A single point of contact also means communications are streamlined, in addition to the transparency of all related costs.

7 - 360° Review

Our team are focused on helping you develop higher performing, lower cost solutions for your products. Which means when the process has been designed, it is reviewed to an agreed timeframe of volume. This process is to ensure your component supply chain is streamline, reduce lead times and maximise the cost-effectiveness of the component produced.

Have you go a product design you want to prototype? Do you want to take up our FREE 360˚ review process?

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