In-house Injection Moulding facility closed down so business can focus on growth

In-house Injection Moulding facility closed down so business can focus on growth

Control is vital in business, which is why many businesses have in-house injection moulding facilities. The challenge comes when this isn’t your core focus, how do you know you are doing what’s best for the business?

Struggling with moulding quality and lack of in-depth experience in depth

The hidden benefit of outsourcing is the depth and breadth of experience you can access. Whether it’s troubleshooting, designing out possible issues or just a fresh approach. You will have a better product because the whole engineering process is reviewed and challenged and, wherever possible, the component being moulded is innovated and improved as a result.

The collective expertise drives innovation and enables focus

If you can pull together a team of experts, get their attention focused on a single product, and scrutinise it at a component level; the result will always be innovation. Tex Plastics work collaboratively with their clients and adopt this methodology. It means the whole product manufacturing process is understood and ways to innovate, drive out costs and improve the product can be introduced to any project.

Which is why a leading lighting manufacturer released space to focus on electronics and assembly

Having originally outsourced some more technical, low volume components to Tex Plastics, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of Energy Efficient Lighting for Commercial and Industrial applications – now outsources all of it’s injection moulding to Tex Plastics.

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