Innovation drives unique water collection products

Innovation drives unique water collection products

Collaborative approach to developing new products proves a winning formula for a leading British manufacturer of building and construction products.

Clay brick and pipe manufacturer wanted to extend product range with plastic

The manufacturer had developed a range of plastic products used for drainage and water collection, however, their challenge to Tex Plastics was simple. How could can we improve their product range, whilst reducing costs and inventory? 

The unique collection of hoppers and traps were delivered to Tex Plastics 

With the physical product range assembled in the design teams studio, the task to optimise, innovate and reduce costs began. It wasn’t long before the team had identified many of the products utalised the same core design. If they could isolate the core element as one mould if would transform the approach to moulding. 

The product range was re-engineered to optimise, innovate and reduce costs 

Utilising the core component as one design and designing inserts for options rather than individual moulds was the answer. It resulted in a greater production run of the core component, reducing unit costs and an innovative approach to the toolmaking process also reduced the number of different tools. 

The result was simple, it reduced inventory and costs

Allowing the technical team to access the wider product range enabled them to rethink how the whole range was manufactured. The result was an innovative ‘re-thought’ product range which optimised the key functional aspects and significantly reduced unit costs for the manufactured parts.

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