Manufacturing returns to UK from China

Manufacturing returns to UK from China

Quality control, reliability of supply and currency fluctuations all factored in a leading marine safety equipment manufacturer deciding to bring production back to the UK.

Lifesaving lifejackets with strobe lights

A lifejacket is intended for use where a high standard of performance is required. It will turn an unconscious person into a safe position and requires no subsequent action by the user to maintain this position. In the event of low light levels, the jackets in question contained a safety strobe light to attract attention and help locate the person in the water.

Outsourced production of a plastic moulded lighting unit was brought back to the UK

Rather than simply reproduce the current design, the manufacturer chose to go through the Tex Plastics 360 Review and evaluate both the production process and the products design. Working closely with the technical team at Tex Plastics, the clients design team worked collaboratively, explaining what their perfect product would be able to achieve. The lighting unit was redesigned to provide a more robust, effective unit which had a more ergonomic design.

The switch resulted in a better product and less risk

The new product has been a huge success, and enhanced an already strong products appeal within this life critical sector. What’s more, the move to Tex Plastics and a UK manufacturing base has removed cost, lead times, stock inventory and reduced the risk of currency fluctuations.

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