Medical optical device manufacturer goes for colour and UK plastic injection moulder

Medical optical device manufacturer goes for colour and UK plastic injection moulder

With a range of intelligent technological optical devices, designed to help with distance diagnostics. This UK based OEM has a worldwide client base, and wants to remain at the forefront of health technology. Which is why it has regular product reviews, analysing both the healthcare performance against competitor products, and manufacturing costs.

Designing next generation tools focused on UK manufacturing sources

With the Brexit vote, the resulting currency fluctuations and the need to have more control over product design and developments, the decision was made to source a UK manufacturing partner. With Tex Plastics technical moulding knowledge, the lean manufacturing ethos and experience in working with other medical device OEM’s, they became the natural choice.

A collaboration between design teams meant enhanced product features

Working together, understanding the OEM’s product design requirements, plus the functional and aesthetic needs enabled the products development process to go further than the client had initially imagined. One example was using colour compounded plastics, which replaced the Chinese manufacturing process of spraying components. This provided an absolutely consistent product finish quality and a more scratch resistant product.

Cost savings designed in from the start

Looking at the end product, not just delivering on the clients’ specification, enabled Tex Plastics to make design and manufacturing suggestions which optimised production processes and provided a better quality finish.

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