Next Generation Plastic Injection Moulding

Next Generation Plastic Injection Moulding

Over a £million’s investment on robotics and new ‘industry leading, energy efficient’ plastic injection moulding equipment provides customers of Tex Plastics Barnstaple and Derby with more flexible scheduling amongst many other benefits.

New machinery faster to set-up

The investment across both the Derby and Barnstaple sites has led to a faster, more efficient set-up of plastic injection moulding cycles when compared to the older machinery it replaced. This is due to the integration of collaborative robot technologies, which make the loading of machines for complex injection processes like over moulding incredibly efficient. It means the machines can be run at optimum speeds for highly technical moulding, whilst the quality of process is uncompromised by the exacting placement of the robotic arms.

Easier, safer, more intuitive programming

The way the new collaborative robots are programmed is more intuitive and complex movements can be programmed in a fraction of the time.  Collaborative robots have brought two major improvements; safer human-robot collaboration and robot programming. This means the programming is relatively easy to learn, but if it doesn’t work right – then the robot stops as soon as it senses an obstruction. So there is minimal chance of harm to operators or damage to equipment.

Faster set-up means more flexible scheduling

With the new machines in place, faster run speeds are possible for complex moulding - and with quicker set-up times experienced - it means the scheduling can be more dynamic. Where clients need shorter runs in a short lead-time, this is now more economically viable than ever before.

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