Tex Special Projects

Tex Special Projects

Design and manufacture of bespoke and modular structures; radio frequency-blocking glazing for both civilian and military applications.

Innovation and World Class Design Solutions

Tex Special Projects, design and fabricate specialist engineering solutions, and undertake research and development for leading edge engineering consultancies. Projects include radio frequency-blocking glazing for both civilian and military applications, flying control rooms for the Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers and special projects for the Indian Navy.

BAE Systems Bronze Design Award

In recognition of their contribution to technological advances in glazing for the maritime environment, Tex Special Projects were awarded the BAE Systems Bronze Design Award. Tex Special Projects have a proven track record of delivering logistically and technically challenging projects, on time and within budget. Our in-house design and engineering team developed the Maxi-View Tempest glazing and wiper technology. Designed to operate in the most extreme conditions and offer unparalleled visibility for split-second decision making.

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