New 650 tonne machine

New 650 tonne machine

Additional capacity required at Derby due to increasing orders from a mix of existing customer accounts growing as well as new account wins, has resulted in the purchase of an additional 650 tonne machine and crane.

Reconfiguring the factory to create the space was like a Rubik's cube puzzle

Creating space for the new manufacturing cell has been like solving the Rubik’s Cube. We have had to strategically rethink the manufacturing process and explore how we can maximise the efficient use of space. This involved reconfiguring the tool store and maintenance area.  

Lack of space has helped us improve efficiency by making us think differently

Rethinking how we work has helped us be more efficient because everything we've done has had to be carefully thought out. This has helped us explore all aspects of what we do, to make things more efficient. Whether it's being logistically dynamic, ecologically aware or having excellent communications with our people. As a result, the business has developed a stronger 'can do' culture and this has helped enormously in overcoming the operational challenges faced.

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