Surge in hand gel dispensers

Surge in hand gel dispensers

As one of the top injection moulders in washroom solutions, Tex Plastics have responded to a dramatic increase in demand for hand sanitiser dispensers.

Demand surges amid the Coronavirus outbreak

With the Coronavirus pandemic taking hold across the globe, the installation of hand sanitiser gel dispensers is becoming a more and more common sight. Tex Plastics are doing their bit to help its customers meet the demand and have been on increased production cycles since the beginning of the year. However, the increasing outbreaks are putting added pressure on Tex Plastics customers and we have up-scaled our manufacturing to help our clients meet the demand.

Hand sanitiser dispensers running out of stock

As companies, banks, schools and government offices have all started installing the dispensers and stocking up sanitisers to prevent Coronavirus, it has added to the manufacturing call-off. The increased demand, panic buying and even theft of some wall mounted hand sanitiser dispensers. All combining to continuing stock shortages of hand sanitiser dispensers.

NHS advice on hand sanitiser dispensers

The NHS says that washing your hands is a key part of preventing the spread of viruses, but hand sanitiser gel can be used when soap and water are not available.

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