Investing in in-house Toolmakers

Investing in in-house Toolmakers

With growing injection mould sizes; the increasing complexity of technical moulding; coupled with the growing additive manufacturing influence on mould making; Tex Plastics are adding to their toolmaking team to provide greater control in-house.

Evolution of reshoring driving need for tooling expertise

Tex Plastics have always offered consultancy and project management for custom mould tool specifications, manufacturing and validation. But with the increase in high precision tooling, coupled with the tightest deadlines and complex demands - means we have taken the decision to move to managing more processes in-house so becoming more self-sufficient.

Tooling design and procurement

This gives Tex Plastics the edge in component development and how it can add real value to your product range. By providing consultancy and project management for injection moulding and toolmaking, we have the capability to fully manage your tooling needs on all types of tooling from Micro to Multi Cavity high precision tooling. Ranging from entire service plans, including the transfer of existing tooling and general maintenance to full refurbishment and verification, managed mould surveys, measure and visual appraisals - Tex Plastics have you covered.


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