Building and Interior Products and Components

Building and Interior Products and Components

Tex Plastics has a wealth of experience in developing products which are either integral to the inside of a building or an accessory, for example white goods.

Typically plastic mouldings or products for interiors or components for inside buildings require a high level of cosmetic finish, combined with a level of technical moulding. This is a continually growing market demanding even higher accuracy and an appealing design which needs innovative technological solutions to meet consumer expectations.

Tex Plastics have unrivaled expertise in manufacturing high volumes of ‘A’ surface and internal components for leading manufacturers of household showers, as well as hygiene and washroom products. The range in the size of moulding combined with the post-moulding processes and inhouse finishing is a key factor in our proposition.

Our experience in moulding these types of components plus our in-house capability, means we are able to provide highly cost efficient solutions
when moulding. Working with your manufacturing needs to provide multicolour, high cosmetic finish which can be delivered direct to line.

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