Exciting new technology product order won in lockdown

Exciting new technology product order won in lockdown

Due to a non-disclosure agreement there's not a lot we can talk about but what we can shout about are the reasons this new client chose Tex Plastics.

Plastic housing for external product to be exposed to high levels of UV

With the technical sales team working remotely, the lockdown enquiry came in from a global technology manufacturer. The brief was complex and as a potential new supplier Tex Plastics needed to answer the due diligence questions, in addition to preparing a commercial proposition for the actual brief. The exterior technology product housing will be exposed to high levels of UV, so a UV stable polycarbonate protects the colour and prevents it from degrading and becoming hard and brittle. The lockdown procurement process was an example of what's possible and how things are likely to change the other side of this pandemic. With virtual presentations, including a factory tour of the injection moulding and post moulding operations plus a technical Q&A session - the engineering team at Tex Plastics won the new business.

Why did the global technology manufacturer choose Tex Plastics?

  • Technical knowledge
  • Robotic Cell capabilities
  • In-house post moulding operations capabilities

These were the three core reasons Tex Plastics outshone the competition. At this time of great uncertainty in the supply chain, with a global pandemic and the end of the Brexit transition period, the strength of in-house Tex Plastics capabilities sealed the deal.

Technical Injection Moulding Specialists

Tex Plastics manufacture plastic components for life critical applications, electronic products and medical solutions – the highest levels of precision injection moulding comes as standard. Match this investment in plant with the highest standards and ability in technical tooling and mould flow design then, add a comprehensive understanding of the latest polymer technology, together with 24-hour a day production and you get an understanding of why we are so successful.

Injection Moulding Production Capability

The production capability ranges from 22 to 1000 tonne and with specific sector specialities at each site, no matter what your product, Tex Plastics can provide you with a solution to make it more competitive. Tex Plastics continue to be at the leading edge of plastic injection moulding technology in the UK and continually review moulding processes to create better solutions for your product’s needs.

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