Now simply Tex Plastics

Now simply Tex Plastics

With the systemic changes in the economy during the last 18 months, Tex Holdings has taken the decision to merge the two businesses.

Tex Plastics Derby & Tex Plastics Barnestaple now simply Tex Plastics

Tex Plastics has long been regarded as a single company from the external perspective, however has always traded as two independant entities, Tex Plastics Derby and Tex Plastics Barnestaple. With the two individual companies working more strategically over the past decade, Tex Holdings took the decision to merge Tex Plastics Barnstaple with the larger of the two companies, Tex Plastics Derby. The decision comes during a period of sustained growth and closer integration of business process between the two sites.

Streamlining administrative costs and maximising efficiency

This will provide certain economies but the greatest benefit will be streamlining of administration between the two sites as they become one operation. There are no noticeable changes to the management team and the only real difference will be the replacement of the Tex Barnstaple registered number and VAT registration with the Tex Derby details on their invoice details. 

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