Working on recycled plastics to create more sustainable raw materials

Working on recycled plastics to create more sustainable raw materials

Due to lack of supply chain resilience, Tex Plastics are working with a partner to develop recycled plastics.

Unprecedented plastics industry supply problems are record-breaking

Into this summer and probably throughout the remainder of the year, plastics raw materials for precision plastic injection moulded products manufacturing will arrive later and in significantly smaller volumes than initially contracted. This plastics raw materials will also come with an increasing price tag. As a result, new sources of recycled plastics have been trialed and successfully moulded.

Tex Plastics are working on an innovative 'plastics recycling' solution

Tonnes of used plastic products sent for landfill every month, whilst there is a global shortage. Working with a specialist partner, Tex Plastics are exploring the opportunity of recycling these disposed plastic goods back into raw materials for moulding. Plastic is a durable and flexible and economical to recycle for use in injection moulding and other industrial processes. As well as reducing reliance on landfill, recycling plastic also reduces the amount of raw materials needed, reducing ground pollution and greenhouse gas emissions stemming from the production of new plastic. Not so long ago, many injection moulders wouldn’t consider using recycled plastics because of the issues with quality and consistency. However, research and development by the waste and recycling sector has led to a growing supply of fit-for-purpose recycled plastics – a priority in developing a circular economy.

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