Manufacturing your plastic parts

Manufacturing your plastic parts

Developing long term manufacturing relationships is the key to the current challenges.

Supporting customers with their plastic component needs

Exceptional economic pressures on the supply chain seem to have become the norm. With global polymer shortages as a result of manufacturing plant disasters, followed by a global pandemic and now war in Europe.

The squeeze on the supply chain is painful, no matter where you are positioned. As a plastic injection moulder, we make parts which go into other people's products. In essence, our plastic part delivers on our customers overall brand promise. So we understand the part we play in our customers finished product quality. Our track record supports that we do a good job. However, our supply chain including our energy supply, makes the whole plastics sector highly volatile. Plus, it is likely that higher oil and natural gas prices could have a macro effect on the commodity resin price, which had already been on an upward trajectory for over a year.

Tex Plastics are committed to supporting our customers

The lessons learned through the pandemic were clear. Despite volatile pricing of consumables, everyone needed to work collaboratively. Based upon long term relationships, the trust between the individual customer teams and their counterparts at TEX Plastics ensured the situation was managed as effectively and fairly as possible.

  • Good communication keeping customers informed
  • Consistent high quality of both product and service
  • Protecting our customers supply chain by being pro-active

Having a solid financial backing has helped

Tex Plastics are a part of the Tex Group of Companies, which represent a mix of British manufacturing, from heavy engineering to highly technical product for the Ministry of Defence. As a privately owned group, decisions are agile and entrepreneurial, which has greatly supported the businesses within it during these challenging times. In turn, this has supported our customers, as many of their competitors have suffered supply chain issues.

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