New 750 tonne injection moulding machine increases larger moulding capacity at Barnstaple

New 750 tonne injection moulding machine increases larger moulding capacity at Barnstaple

The new 750 tonne installation has already started to help manage the increase in larger plastic part orders.

Influx of new larger injection moulding business

Tex Plastics Barnstaple site has seen an influx of new larger plastic part orders. As a result the southern based plastic injection moulding site, within Tex Plastics facilities, has been adapting its production capability to cope with the shift. A part of this adaption is the investment of a new 750 tonne injection moulding machine.

More energy efficient injection moulding machines are the future

The new 750 tonne machine is also more energy efficient, which was a major consideration within our decision making, as we’re committed to reducing the carbon footprint of your plastic parts. The past few years have seen the steady roll-out of a machine replacement programme at Tex Plastics. This is combined with a focus on increased productivity and lower energy usage. This investment has been heavily influenced by our continual review of greener injection moulding solutions. With new, more energy efficient, productive plastic injection moulding presses, it means Tex Plastics can achieve our commitment to lowering our carbon footprint per part manufactured.

ISO 14001 as an injection moulder

Tex Plastics has significantly reduced the carbon footprint per plastic component produced year on year. This has been achieved through applying our ‘3 Pillars of Eco Efficiency’ ISO 14001 environmental management system. This approach helps us to continuously innovate how we do things to reduce our overall carbon footprint. Whether it’s been achieved by removing miles, reducing energy consumption or recycling more, the end goal helps our customers reduce ‘their products’ carbon footprint.

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