Award winning plastic injection moulding training programme

Award winning plastic injection moulding training programme

Our employees at Derby are now being assessed and enrolled in our bespoke award-winning training academy.


Clearly understanding roles and responsibilities

The business training programme was pioneered at Barnstaple and focuses on creating a structured employee development process bespoke to TEX Plastics. The business has seen the benefit directly impact the bottom line and the positive impact on staff. Employees who have gone through the programme are more confident to resolve problems effectively and efficiently, this has reduced downtime, improved quality and increased output.


With the remapping of the production facilities, it's a great time to implement it

The in-house training has been likened to creating an F1 pit crew, in that everyone involved in the plastic injection moulding process worked together. The objective of the training programme was to develop a higher skilled workforce. It starts with each person being assessed on their knowledge and skills, then clarifying the part they played in delivering success to the business. This was then linked to their personal aspirations and development opportunities. The result is a highly focused team, where each person can be the best they can be.


Barnstaples’ F1 Pit Crew!

Award winning innovation in plastic injection moulding was pioneered at Barnstaple

The training programme was developed in a strategic partnership with Sierra 57 Consult and as a result TEX Plastics have developed several bespoke career pathway training programmes. This is because very few people consciously think about a career in plastic injection moulding. The plastics industry has grown exponentially in the last few decades. Although there are training programs available, in reality these have been too narrowly focused toward various tasks or abilities (i.e. that a person will need to perform certain functions required in his job).


There are multiple roles and it’s about recognising which areas suit the individual

Understanding the work environment, the role the individual plays within it, plus the wider opportunities within the business has been key. The most effective training for any technician, we have found, comes from the training they receive within the position they hold. To have strong technical knowledge, an individual must be exposed to nearly all departments within their working environment. Some they will enjoy and thrive in, others they will endure – everyone is different. We must recognise that.

Within TEX Plastics there are many opportunities:

  • Logistics
  • Technicians
  • Toolmakers
  • Fitters & maintenance engineers
  • Post moulding operations
  • Quality
  • Management


Where you start does not dictate where you end up

The benefits of a long-term training approach is, that whatever the previous experience an individual may have gained in a role, should they want to change direction - it adds to their value. If someone is in a role and really enjoys it, the training will develop their expertise, so they can progress their personal development. If someone finds a role difficult, unchallenging or just plain boring - there are many roles within the organisation. It's about finding the right fit for both the individual and business.


Home Grown Timber - it's about creating strength in depth

By consistently exposing our people to the various skillsets within our facilities, over time we build weaknesses into strengths. Working with Sierra 57 Consult we have developed a complex skill matrix that outlines the needs of our different teams. We use this matrix to plan a training approach specifically tailored to each individual joining the company. As the team matures and grows, we have seen the benefits in people wanting to develop within TEX Plastics, rather than feel they need to move jobs to achieve their life goals.

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