Greener plastic injection moulding revolution

Greener plastic injection moulding revolution

TEX Plastics Derby facility has moved on to the next stage in its eco-friendly injection moulding machine replenishment programme.


The Derby facility is rapidly changing to become much more energy efficient

The past year have seen an accelerated roll-out of our machine replacement programme. This is focused on increased productivity and lower energy usage. This investment has been influenced by our commitment to ISO 14001 and reducing the carbon footprint of every component we manufacture. As a result we continually review greener injection moulding solutions and better factory flow.


2021 a year to build on the investment

Guy Sentance Production Director & General Manager, TEX Plastics


The programme is extensive, ongoing and remapped the manufacturing facility

This is a one-off opportunity to address the legacy issues related to a business which has expanded over decades across multiple adjacent units. The Derby facility has been a challenging manufacturing site. Historically it occupied additional industrial units as and when they became available in order to expand capacity. This led to inherent inefficiencies, but production demands and costs to relocate machines made remapping manufacturing to create logistical efficiencies unworkable.

The significant investment, resulting from the repurchase of the group from the PLC structure, has enabled us to review efficiencies across every factor. This means the new machines are sequenced with the requirements of the remapping of the manufacturing and production and designed around creating efficiencies across the board.


Lowering our carbon footprint per plastic part manufactured

The remapping combined with our extensive in-house process, like our spray booth, assembly processes, printing and other post moulding operations keeps the miles per plastic part down. As our clients look to reduce their finished products carbon footprint, TEX Plastics continue to deliver solutions whilst looking beyond the component to the bigger picture. TEX Plastics offer a totally integrated process that results in a one-stop finished product solution to reduce your overall production costs.


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In-house Post Moulding Operations shorten lead times

Whether you need multi-colour printing and finishing options (chrome plating, decorative spraying, RFI shielding); electronic component assembly, product testing, calibration and final assembly of the product cell; Insertion of externally sourced components, assembly of parts and quality control of finished products – TEX Plastics have you covered!

Post Moulding Operations Finishing Services:

  • Spray finish
  • Chrome finish
  • Tampo printing
  • Decals supply and application

Added Value Services to Injection Moulded Parts:

  • Part assembly
  • Full assembly
  • Centralised purchasing of third-party product
  • Electronic testing
  • Air pressure testing
  • Vacuum testing
  • Sonic welding
  • Annealing
  • RFI shielding
  • CNC machining in specialised cell
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Friction welding

Helping Reduce your Production Costs for Plastic Parts

  • Fast Lead-time Response
  • Stock Call-off
  • Turn-key Response
  • Direct to Line
  • Kan Ban Stock
  • Stock Holding Finished Product
  • Stock Holding Raw Materials


360° Review

If you're looking for reduced carbon footprint on your plastic parts, let us help you streamline your supply chain. Our free 360° Review audit will provide you with access to a ‘no-obligation’ survey of your current plastic parts supply chain. This will examine where savings and product improvements can be made. One of our technical solutions managers, with specific experience in your sector, will conduct the survey. This will be under a Non-Disclosure Agreement so that you can be assured of complete confidentiality.

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