Welcome to Lucy Wood, Apprentice Accountant

Welcome to Lucy Wood, Apprentice Accountant

TEX Plastics continues its focus on apprenticeship positions with the recent appointment of Lucy, with a diverse range of roles, we aim to provide career opportunities not simply a job to gain a qualification.


Apprentice in the Accounts Department Derby

In this role Lucy will obtain a well-rounded understanding of general accounting practices within TEX Plastics. This is Lucy's first job and although new to the role she has shown great promise and enthusiasm. The apprentice role had a great response and received a lot of applicants, the interview shortlist included some really great candidates, but Lucy stood out, and we were delighted to offer her the position. She works within the management team and will experience the fast pace of business within a manufacturing company.

“I was excited to get the apprenticeship role at TEX Plastics, there's a lot going on here all the time. I didn't know anything about plastic injection moulding, but seeing the customer list, it's amazing just how diverse what we do is. The best thing about my new role is it really challenges me; every day is different and I don't get time to be bored. The people here are lovely, and they have made me feel very welcome.”

Lucy Wood Apprentice Accountant, TEX Plastics


What's involved in the role of Apprentice Accountant

The specific responsibilities can vary widely, we've worked hard at TEX Plastics to keep all apprenticeship roles varied and engaging. We want the apprentices to feel part of the team and included and valued. Lucy's apprenticeship roles will incorporate:

Learning and Training: Lucy is new to the field, and her apprenticeship incorporates a day a week off site at a specialist training provider. This sets the scene and provides the foundation qualifications for a career in accounts. In addition to the external training, Lucy will undergo training to learn about our financial processes, accounting software, and relevant regulations.

Assisting with Financial Tasks: Lucy will be involved in various financial tasks, such as recording transactions, preparing financial statements, and assisting with budgeting. We feel this hands-on experience helps build on Lucy's practical understanding of accounting principles she learns about on her college day.

Data Entry and Documentation: Her apprentice account role involve a significant amount of data entry and documentation. Lucy will get involved in everything from inputting financial data into accounting systems, organising invoices and maintaining our financial records.

Collaboration: To assist the learning, Lucy will work closely with more of our experienced accountants and finance team. She will collaborate with team members on projects, and gradually take on more responsibilities as she gains experience.

Compliance: Lucy will also be introduced to compliance processes and be responsible for ensuring that financial practices align with legal standards.

Problem Solving: Even in an apprentice role, Lucy will be included in various challenges related to financial discrepancies, data inconsistencies, or other issues. This is because problem-solving skills are important for addressing these issues and ensuring the accuracy of financial records.

Professional Development: TEX Plastics are noted for presenting our employees with opportunities for professional development. Lucy will attend training sessions, workshops, or pursuing additional certifications to enhance her accounting skills.


The goal of this holistic approach to the role is to provide Lucy with a well-rounded understanding of accounting practices and to prepare her for more advanced roles within the field.

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