The benefits of collaborative plastic injection moulding

The benefits of collaborative plastic injection moulding

Bringing a new plastic product to life, whether it's to reduce costs, enhance functionality or boost durability, is a complex journey.


Every project is unique, which is why quoting goes beyond your basic specifications

Working with prospective clients or existing customers, our approach is to seek out ways to add value beyond that of the pure moulding commodity pricing scale. Our aim is to engage in open communication, working closely with you to grasp your vision, challenges and goals. This collaborative approach ensures a deeper understanding of your project, leading to solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Optimising Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

The journey starts with DFM, where TEX Plastics analyses your design for manufacturability. Their expertise shines through as they suggest improvements that enhance functionality, reduce costs and optimise production. This collaborative effort ensures your design is not only innovative but also producible within your budget and timeline.


Finding the perfect material

Choosing the right plastic material is crucial for a products success. TEX Plastics brings their vast material knowledge to the table, offering guidance on material properties, performance characteristics and cost implications. We work with you to select the ideal material that fulfils your product's functional and aesthetic requirements, ensuring optimal performance and value.


Value-added post-moulding operations

Innovation doesn't stop at moulding. TEX Plastics offers a wide range of value-added services such as printing, assembly and finishing. These services streamline your production process and ensure your product reaches the market faster, saving you time and resources.


JIT, Kanban & consignment stock to give you flexibility and control

Understanding your unique inventory needs, allows you to select the inventory management system that best suits your production rhythm and business needs.

Just-in-Time (JIT): Optimise inventory levels and cash flow by receiving parts only when needed.

Kanban: Maintain a smooth production flow with automatic replenishment based on real-time inventory levels.

Consignment Stock: Ensure uninterrupted production with readily available stock stored at TEX Plastics' facility.


TEX Plastics – more than just a moulder

A collaborative approach: Work hand-in-hand with experts who understand your vision and goals.

Optimised design: Achieve the perfect balance between functionality, cost and manufacturability.

Material expertise: Select the ideal material for your specific needs.

Value-added services: Streamline your production process and accelerate time to market.

Inventory flexibility: Choose the system that best suits your business needs.

With TEX Plastics, innovation doesn't have to be a solo journey. Partner with us and experience a collaborative approach that brings your unique plastic component vision to life, smoothly and successfully.

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