Investment in new printer has added benefits

Investment in new printer has added benefits

Providing a full turn-key solution for post moulding operations has always been a strong element of the TEX Plastics proposition.


More efficient, smaller footprint, better quality

The continuous investment programme extends beyond the energy efficient machines replacement programme into every facet of our business. One of the next key facilities to be improved is the post mould value add services. Currently this is split across Factory 1 and Factory 2 however it will soon be consolidated within a single area within Factory 1. This will see multiple operational benefits for the post mould operations, plus release even more space in Factory 2 for increased moulding machines.


Every change is an opportunity to make improvements

The new printing machine, which sits alongside the other printers is significantly smaller, more energy efficient and will help increase operational efficiencies. Every department within TEX Plastics is looking at what can be done to make the marginal gains to help contribute to the business’s success. Whether adding value to a client’s product through incorporating post mould operations, such as print, sub assembly and testing - or by optimising their logistics and making their supply chain more efficient, TEX Plastics seeks to demonstrate at every opportunity we're more than just a moulder.

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