Giving Our Customers an Edge Over Their Competitors

If OEM’s view purchasing of plastic injection moulding as a commodity price, they may pay a higher price in the long run. An ‘edge’ in terms of competitiveness doesn’t come from saving a fraction off the unit costs of a few plastic components. It comes from reviewing the manufacturing process holistically, continually looking for savings, improvements and eliminating waste.

1st January 2016

Always Challenging – Reviewing – Advancing

Working with OEM’s from a wide cross section of sectors has enabled us to demonstrate cost reductions are best served by focusing on improvement across the whole manufacturing process – not the pure/y on the plastic component manufacturing costs.

Injection Moulding facilities in the South West and Midlands

Tex Plastics have two independent facilities, one providing injection moulding in the South West, the second providing injection moulding in the Midlands. The client base for each is extremely diverse – which means the organisataion has tremendous experiece and expertise in-house.

Reviewing logistical needs, product performance and an understanding of how it’s deployed – has the potential to add much more value. Because we are experts in plastics and lean manufacturing, so the more we understand your products, the greater the value we can add.

Working as a strategic partner – not just a supplier

This is because working with you at the earliest stages, whether your products at concept, prototype or established and ready for a ‘cost down’ exercise – delivers the best results. Understanding what’s important to you, your customers and the lifecycle of the finished product enables us to identify opportunities to optimise manufacturing processes across the supply chain.

Innovative component development that adds real value.

Through implementing a 360˚ review process for component production, whether it’s a new component or an annual review – you get a more robust and ‘fit for purpose’ product, which is manufactured with minimal waste in the most efficient way.

Ready for a 360˚ Review on one of your products?

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