Are you aware of the cost savings and environmental benefits of switching PVC to Polypropylene?

Plastics are here to stay, especially in medicine and public health but there is a conscious move away from the more harmful endocrine-disrupting properties of PVC and its long-term pollution consequences. This has driven a shift to the more environmentally friendly Polypropylene technical polymers.

2nd February 2016

Polypropylene injection moulded parts and components

Polypropylene is one of the most versatile materials available today for precision plastic moulding and the benefits of using polypropylene technical polymers include:

  • Rugged material
  • Highly resistant to acids, bases and chemicals
  • Very good fatigue resistance
  • Can be made both flexible and tough
  • Excellent machining characteristics
  • Economical
  • Can be produced opaque, translucent or in colours

Reviewing your current moulding polymer could increase the physical benefits of your product as well as reduce moulding costs

With extensive experience in matching materials with the client’s component applications specifications, the team at Tex Plastics have successfully delivered switches in material for:

  • High-strength construction materials
  • Electrical components
  • Medical applications

Polypropylene is the lightest of all commodity thermoplastics

As a result its use will continue to grow in thin-wall injection moulding makeing products lighter so that material cost savings can be made and cycle times can be as short as possible. Shorter cycle times means higher productivity and lower costs per part – if you are using the right plastic component manufacturers.

The range of possible products are infinite

Since there are many grades and types of Polypropylene, the range of possible products that could be manufactured from it are infinite. Apart from being cost-effective, it also provides good clarity, gloss and finish. It’s an excellent moisture barrier and has good impact strength. Moreover, the Polypropylene containers can also be hot-filled and they are microwaveable.

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