Procedure Pack Polyware Increases Useability and Reduces Costs

In the high pressure environment of an operating theatre, seconds count. Whether rapid response to saving lives or maximising the efficiency of a theatre or treatment room.

7th February 2016

Procedure packs are now ubiquitous in every aspect of medical treatments and have been recognised as contributing to reducing the risk of infection. As many items in a procedure pack are ‘one use’ only, maximising the value of every component is critical.

‘Cost down’ brief for a ‘one use’ procedure pack product

Creating parts and manufacturing plastic components that will ultimately end up in ‘life saving’ situations means the product you make, could potentially be saving or costing someone their life. When the precision plastic moulding is a product only gets used once and needs to be highly competitive and work faultlessly, the challenge is on.

High temperature polymer enhanced performance

When working on ‘medical’ projects the 360˚ review has additional considerations to take into account but the basic process is the same. So when the leading manufacturer of medical procedure packs needed a ‘next generation’ product refresh, the challenge was on to increase product performance. One area identified was a jug, when full of liquid, became off balance and had a tendency to topple. The product was redesigned so that it took up no more space but the footprint was bigger at the base to increase stability.

The 360˚ product review reduced weight, manufacturing costs and enhanced safety performance

With a redesign of tooling and the change of polymer, it enabled ultra thin moulding to hit the clients usability requirements. Because the ultra-thin moulding resulted in lighter products, packaging costs were reduced. Most important of all, the products usability – in other words the product performance – was significantly improved.

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