Personal Emergency Response Device

With an ageing population, more people living alone and increased legislation for lone workers, personal emergency response devices are no longer for the frail and infirm.

6th May 2016

Which is why when Sara Murray began developing state of the art, proprietary technology for locating individuals with unparalleled speed and accuracy – she wanted an equally forward thinking precision plastic injection moulding supplier.

A wristband designed to be worn 24 hours a day

Pressing the alert buttons for help, or if the system detects the wearer may have fallen, the 24hr monitoring service can find information about your location, talk to you through the device and notify emergency contacts. It can also monitor activity levels during the day and sleep patterns at night. So a key consideration of the design was comfort.

Advanced technical polymers combined with an over moulding process ensured the wristband was comfortable, waterproof and hypoallergenic

Understanding how the product worked and needed to perform, from sensing motion, detecting falls and communicating wirelessly was invaluable in the selection of the right solution. Working closely with the client, the designers and injection mould toolmakers at Tex Plastics were able to add value to the process with expert polymer selection and an over moulding manufacturing process. Understanding the importance of comfort influenced the moulding and fixing techniques to contribute to the award winning wristband.

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