Antenna design refresh shaves pounds off weight and costs

Caravans, boats and motor homes use omni-directional antenna to pick up TV signals. This is simply because their mobility dictates the TV signal could be being broadcast from any direction!

14th July 2016

The electronics in these products needs to pick-up the broadcast TV signal, amplify it and then distribute it to the relevant areas within the caravan, boat or motor home. With an electronically sensitive product, exposed to the elements and typically fitted to high value consumer products – strength and appearance are also crucial.

The casing needs to protect from UV, wind and rain          

Unlike an antenna on a physical building, the transportation also creates a stress on the product. Whether vibration, jarring or wind from the journey, the unit has to accommodate the potential for multi-directional movement and forces.

The casing needs to be aesthetically pleasing and lightweight

Weight is an issue, because of the potential for movement and the added weight to the fabric of the caravan, boat or motor home. So developing a lightweight case to house the electronics is critical in the products overall performance.

The 360˚ product review reduced weight and manufacturing costs

With a redesign of injection mould tooling combined with the change of polymer resulted in ultra thin moulding to hit the clients usability requirements. The precision plastic moulding was developed to facilitate a streamline plastic component assembly. This enabled different fixing techniques to be adopted further reducing finishing costs. These changes impacted upon the clients inventory, which could be reduced and their supply chain shortened – further reducing the manufacturing costs.

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