Significant reduction of finished product costs v modest saving on component pricing?

What would make the biggest difference for your products future and related profits? Tex Plastics add the greatest value through understanding the challenges you face with the specific product. Only then can collaborative solution focused thinking begin.

1st August 2016

If you want cheap plastic components

In terms of low cost components Chinese firms are much more likely to deliver the most competitive pricing when it comes to plastic injection moulding. Especially when compared to most UK companies. A rising Chinese economy, even with transport costs factored in, plastic injection moulders there could produce high volumes of product at much lower cost – for lots of reasons.

Is cheap injection moulding what you are looking for?

The greatest savings and product improvements are never driven by purchasers and buying departments. They are realised when engineers and product designers collaborate with lean manufacturing technicians. Reducing all elements of risk, waste and improving product performance before going into production.

  • Shorter lead times
  • Improved component performance
  • Better aesthetics and finish
  • Supply chain consolidation
  • Reduction in cost of finished product

If you want a better product, you can often make a surprising saving

The irony is through approaching ‘cost down’ through the perspective of making the component better, you can often see a financial saving in excess of a pure ‘buying it cheaper’ exercise.

New polymers and moulding technology opens up advances in process improvements

As new polymers are constantly being developed, something as simple as a material change could have a significant cost implication for plastic component manufacturers. However, our team are focused on helping you develop higher performing, lower cost solutions for your products. Design-rationalisation, results in you getting a component with minimal waste, manufactured in the most efficient way. Let us help you to streamline your component supply chain – minimise plastic component assembly by rethinking the whole process – reduce lead times and maximise the cost-effectiveness of the component produced.

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