Leading Shower Manufacturer product refresh reduces manufacturing costs for long established product

Keeping your manufacturing process lean and costs in check is the nirvana of any UK based manufacturing business today. As a key supplier to a leading UK shower manufacturer, Tex Plastics were approached to help drive cost down for a core, long established product.

1st October 2016

The design team at Tex Plastics worked with the client to optimise production via a 360˚ review

This process involved analysis of all key areas from the injection moulding tooling and materials selection to the logistics and supply chain. Understanding the order volumes based upon the previous two years patterns enabled the technical solutions manager to identify significant savings for the renewed contract period.

Reducing moulding costs doesn’t make the big difference

All too often moulding is hawked around as if precision plastic moulding were a simple commodity price. Tex Plastics and their clients understand it’s difficult to make significant savings if you’re restricted to cutting costs in this one area. Which is why Tex Plastics have one of the most extensive and comprehensive range of plastic injection supply solutions at their disposal.

A 360˚ Review involves reviewing the whole process with the client

Only through looking at each element as a part of the whole manufacturing process, through a collaborative approach with the client, results in significant cost reductions.

A change in thinking delivers the biggest savings

Redesigned tooling enabled unit costs to be reduced. Several components were consolidated into a single moulding, reducing production and plastic component assembly costs. This in turn reduced the clients inventory, shortened their supply chain and reduced packaging costs. Looking at how everything within a project interconnects enables the team here to add real value whilst delivering significant ‘cost down.’

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