Enclosure manufacturer switches from metal to plastic panels to improve performance and reduce costs

A leading supplier of cabinets used in power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure used painted metal enclosures but wanted to explore other material options. Plastic injection moulding was identified as a great alternative because it could create and replicate a panel in one process. Whereas in metal, the manufacturing process required each panel to be formed, drilled and then painted.

13th January 2017

The plastic panels needed to match the strength, colour and durability of the metal panels.

Colour accuracy was a key criteria because the plastic panels needed to compliment the existing product range. This meant the visual appearance of the finished enclosures needed to match both the colour and the texture of the metal panels previously produced, as well as the current ranges.

Careful polymer selection resulted in strong, colour matched panels – ready to go!

The new plastic panels reduced inventory and lead-times whilst increasing durability –  because if a panel was accidently scratched, it was virtually undetectable as the plastic was the same colour all the way through. The panels are supplied complete, with no additional processes required except assembly. With the added advantage that because the texture and colour matching is now on a plastic panel, surface damage, like dents and scuffs are also eradicated.

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