Quality Crisis Threatens Brand, Switching Plastic Moulders Avoids Disaster

If you’ve spent more than a century building a solid global brand, the last thing you need is inconsistent quality from a key supplier. It’s difficult to quantify the possible impact of this on a single product line, but when there are over twenty different tooling devices and 100’s of different products  – the consequences of not acting quickly could have been disastrous for the brand.

10th March 2017

Looking for a Plastic Injection Moulder?

A quick search on Google will identify thousands of options open to you, qualifying ‘who is capable of what’, is a little more time consuming. This means when a situation arises, you need to have an idea of who and where you can go, so that a supplier change can be executed as efficiently as possible.

Sustainable quality at the highest standards plus a ‘can do’ approach

With a reputation for quality and a pragmatic approach to challenges presented (as well as two financially independent operations) Tex Plastics were invited by the manufacturer to help solve their quality issues. This involved keeping the production requirements fulfilled whilst dozens of plastic injection mould tools were transferred.

Mould Tool Transfer raised many questions

Would it be possible to adapt the tool to Tex Plastics machines? The work involved in getting an existing tool to run well in a new moulding machine means machine tonnage, barrel size, screw size and injection speed all need to be factored in to the solution.

Tex Plastics are highly experienced in taking over suites of tooling very successfully

Understanding your needs are time critical, Tex plastics have developed ‘express tooling transfer’ and distress customer ‘onboarding procedures’. This ensures the right personnel are deployed, the right machines are available and any special adapter plates required are prioritised.

The manufacturer had a smooth, fast transition and production was unaffected

Working closely with the clients team, Tex Plastics set up a plan of action which prioritised the most important components – so they could be moulded first. This ensured continuity, and that production was unaffected. The client visited Tex Plastics during the tool transfer process and attended the tool trials. This meant they were able to “sign off” first off samples, allowing the moulding to continue straight away with the important production run.

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