3D Printer investment saves on tooling costs and speeds up the development process

The dual head, large bed, RepRap X400 gives an astonishing 1ft cubed print volume. It’s multi-material capability includes a variable contact pressure for soft materials – enabling rapid prototyping and intricate models with a layer height of 100 micron.

5th May 2017

Advanced DD3 dual extruder

2 colour printing and variable contact pressure for soft materials is possible due to the advanced DD3 dual extruder developed by German RepRap. This means printing in two materials, two colours or with water-soluble support material such as PVA for PLA or HIPS for ABS parts is possible. The extruder can be heated to 290°C, and create high definition prints that are smooth-to-the-touch and don’t require finishing. 

Model your design from scratch, or convert 2D CAD files into 3D

3D Printing (also known as additive manufacturing) manufactures parts in an additive way – principal of building up, rather than cutting away.  Successive layers of build material are placed on top of each other layer by layer, are used to build the part from a 3D CAD file. Which means Tex Plastics can provide you with an accurate sample of your component or product concept from your 2D CAD files or help you translate ideas and sketches into a physical component.

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