Blue light lenses quality forces supplier switch

International manufacturer of specialist lightbars, beacons and directional warning lights for vehicles chooses Tex Plastics for superior quality of moulded lenses.

1st June 2017

What’s the difference in being seen or not seen?

If you see a warning light, whether on a Highways Agency vehicle or an emergency response vehicle, it’s clear you need to be alert. When the difference of whether you see the light is down to the quality of the moulding, you begin to appreciate the potential cost a poor quality product could potentially have.

The OEM realised their moulding partner was impacting on their product quality

Lenses are designed to project the light source as far as possible, to warn of a potential hazard or alert in good time to take the relevant evasive action. When your business prides itself on creating the best designs in the market to achieve this goal, the product sells itself. However after consistent production quality issues the client discovered the product quality was inconsistent and posed a threat to future orders.

Switching supplier wouldn’t be easy and there wasn’t going to be a second chance

With the production quality inconsistencies, the production line to fulfil orders was running dangerously low. The OEM needed to take dramatic action and find a plastic injection moulding partner who could guarantee these issues would be resolved immediately. This meant a very steep learning curve as moulding lenses to the quality required involves specialist, skilled operators and a highly competent technical support team.

Within 2 weeks Tex Plastics were feeding the line with high quality lenses

Tex Plastics were able to address the quality issues the previous injection moulding supplier had experienced and provided continuity of supply before any orders were impacted. What’s more the standard of quality assurance delivered means the OEM can now rest easy and focus on developing new products not fire fighting supply chain issues.

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