Innovative ventilation reduces heating costs

When a new product revolutionises a long established traditional market sector, the answer is typically – “it’s so simple, why didn’t anyone else think of that?”

29th June 2017

Tex Plastics are use it helping innovators bring products to life

One of the most exciting aspects of working in the plastic injection moulding industry is getting first sight of a new, innovative product. Dues to the highly sensitive nature of this type of project, working under a Non-Disclosure Agreement is commonplace. This new product is no exception but as a product set to revolutionise household heating, it captured the whole technical design teams imagination from day 1.

The product recycles wasted or trapped heat

The product remains a highly sensitive project and is currently out to market with house builders and other key channels. However, its design is so simple, yet highly innovative it is set to transform the way heat is distributed around the home.

Tex plastics helped the designers transform a concept into ‘production ready’ product

The clients product development team needed to work closely with a plastic moulder to develop the product housing. This meant working with a company who had a high level of industry experience in ventilation and technical design team who could add value to their concept. Most important of all, the development process needed to be highly confidential, which meant the manufacturing partner needed the capability to work from prototype to a ‘ready for production’ and every stage in between.

“Tex Plastics had the technical expertise, ventilation experience and in-house capabilities”

As specialist in technical moulding, everything from the material selection to preparing the moulded parts for the most cost effective production was all part of the service.

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