The fastest switch of injection moulders in the ‘South West’

In times of economic uncertainty, it pays to have a plan B – with stock levels at a minimum through optimised ‘just-in-time’ manufacturing, if a key supplier falls into difficulty how vulnerable are you?

13th July 2017

7 days until the line stops – 7 days to source a new plastic injection moulding company

Leading provider of high volume medical disposable polyware products for primary and acute healthcare transferred their injection moulding production in 7 days. That’s 7 days from initial talks to product being delivered to the clients’ production line!

The clients incumbent moulder had gone into administration and ceased trading overnight

With no advanced warning, the client needed to quickly resolve the issue of stock replenishment to their warehouse, as they would run out of their fastest moving stock products within 10 days or less. As a solution provider to the primary and acute healthcare sector, a large part of what was required went into tailored medical procedure packs. This meant their product range was extremely diverse and fast moving, stock levels were critical and wholly dependent upon their customers ‘just-in-time’ demands.

A major concern of the client was the financial stability of their replacement injection moulder

Having been put in this situation once, the client didn’t want to repeat their over dependence on a single plastic moulding company. The forensic due diligence of financial stability of Tex Plastics, a part of Tex Holdings plc, meant the client was satisfied that all their production could be centralised. This is because Tex Plastics have two financially independent injection moulding facilities – one in the South West of the UK, and Tex Plastics Derby in the Midlands.

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