New coordinate measuring machine guarantees quality on critical technical moulding

Due to growing complexity of parts and customer measurement expectations Tex Barnstaple has invested in a Quantum HG686 CNC CMM with measuring capability of X600 – Y800 – Z600.

31st August 2017

Giving customers the confidence production will be consistent, controlled and fit for purpose

A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is a device for measuring the physical geometrical characteristics of an object. The 3D measurements are defined by a probe attached to the third moving axis of this machine. Using optical 3D measuring techniques means risk reduction in dimension inspection of the plastic injection-moulded parts. 

Improved accuracy, speed and repeatability

The new Coordinate Measuring Machine helps maintain repeatability on dimensionally critical technical moulding. A CMM is a must have for ‘quality assurance’ as the increase in technical polymers pushes highly engineered plastic injection moulded components into more critical design functions. The Quantum HG686 CNC CMM has proven to be a valuable resource to the business and vital to our operation and clients.

Many factors can influence the product dimension tolerances

The setting operator needs to ensure the parts made match the precise dimensions of the parts ordered. When you consider the variables within the process combined with the exacting tolerances of modern engineered plastic components only the highest precision dimensioning of the plastic parts can reduce the risks in production optical 3D measuring. 

Validation of the start of the production of each batch 

The variations in dimensions when manufacturing injection moulded parts is dependent upon the plastic material; the design of the mould; the capability of the injection moulding machine and the process parameters such as cooling temperature; demoulding temperature; mould temperature; melt temperature; injection time; holding time; mould close or open time; injection pressure; back pressure or holding pressure. 

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