Technical plastic casing for swimming pool pump brings manufacturing back to UK

Driving the decision was the dollar to sterling exchange rates, and the need for greater control of supply.

1st October 2017

When a UK based leading swimming pool manufacturer took the decision to manufacture a product in the UK rather than buy in from the USA, it needed a technical plastic moulder. Manufacturing in the UK meant full control over product quality and price.

Experience of engineering grade polymers was essential

The moulded product was for the outer casings of filtration pumps. The casings needed to be moulded in Glassfilled Polypropylene. This is a mixture of glass fibre filler plus Polypropylene to give improved strength and rigidity. Other components required a PPO material which gives affordable high heat resistance, good electrical properties, excellent hydrolytic properties, with excellent dimensional stability, good processibility and low specific gravity. Perfect for swimming pool pumps which run for sustained periods!

650 tonne+ moulding capability due to the size of the moulds

The pump moulds were purchased from the original manufacturer and now the whole pump range, together with a host of accessories are being manufactured in the UK. Tex Plastics Derby were found via an internet search and looked to be the perfect location to supply – based centrally and at the heart of the UK’s motorway network.

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