What’s your plan B if your current plastic moulding supplier fails?

With the 2017 budget on November 22nd, Chancellor Philip Hammond downgraded the UK economic growth forecasts. With the uncertainty around Brexit, combine this with his prediction that real wages are forecast to rise in every year until 2020, it is enviable some businesses will cease to trade as their margins get squeezed.

1st December 2017

If your plastic Injection Moulder ceased trading how would it impact your supply chain?

As a part of Tex Holdings, Tex Plastics are fortunate be financially strong and stable. However if your plastic injection moulder did stop trading, the chances are it would come as a surprise. How do we know this? Because over the last two downturns, several manufacturing companies impacted by their injection moulder going into receivership overnight – turned to Tex Plastics to transfer tooling and resolve their supply chain issues with only a few days of line feed stock to spare.

Tex Plastics are offering a free ‘Plan B’ option

Companies today are expected to have a Plan B for everything from data back-up, to power supply. If your line feed needs plastic injection moulded components and is ‘just in time’ then you need to carefully consider the consequences. Tex Plastics are the first company to offer a free audit of your current tooling and moulding needs with a view to designing you a Plan B option – just in case your current moulder has difficulties.

Find out how we can help you drive waste out of your plastics injection moulded parts and associated supply chain