360 product review halves order lead-times and manufacturing reduces costs

When a product revolutionises an industry, like roofing components, you’d expect the 360 Review Process to be a simple box ticking exercise. However, in reviewing the product manufacturing process for the roofing manufacturer, Tex Plastics were able to identify additional cost down savings for the plastic injection moulded component.

15th January 2018

Doubling-up on injection moulding tooling keep stocks low and manufacturing responsive

With experience of producing the plastic injection moulded dry verge cappings, the Tex Plastics lean manufacturing team were able to identify additional ways to save the client money during the 360 product review process. One area was the doubling up on the tooling, which enabled the stock levels to be kept low because the manufacturing process could be more responsive.

Order lead-time shrunk from weeks to days through the innovative re-engineering of tooling

The added benefit of this was the cash flow of the client wasn’t tied up in stock sat on a warehouse shelf. With reduced lead-times and the confidence gained in working with Tex Plastics – the client was able to run stock levels down and release capital.

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