Washroom Towel Cabinets – Uniquely British

If you ever visit public toilets in the UK and overseas, you’ll notice the faithful ‘roller towel’ is rarely seen outside the UK. The British culture of laundered towels as the preferred way to dry hands, could be argued as the ultimate environmentally solution.

1st February 2018

A leading hygiene company needed to review costs on their towel cabinets

Having a traditional product, the OEM also had a traditional approach to manufacturing. Their process relied on lots of people and multiple handling process. When approached to review the plastic injected product components, Tex Plastics suggested a 360 review of the whole manufacturing process.

The complimentary lean assessment identified several cost saving opportunities

Little had changed in the manufacturing process of the washroom towel cabinets since the product had been initially introduced. The moulded units were supplied and the client printed them with their branding and hygiene messages at the end of their assembly line.

Product modifications resulted in leaner assembly processes

Working with the Tex Plastics design team, enabled the assembly process to be reviewed and faster, leaner assembly processes to be implemented through small design tweaks. It also enabled the printing to be outsourced to Tex Plastics, which reduced the risk of damage to the product at the OEM’s and because the product arrived without the need for secondary process inventory could also be reduced.

This combination of process improvements gave them room for new product lines, reduced inventory plus gave an overall cost saving per part.

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