Recycling bins Street furniture injection moulded from recycled ABS

As a leading manufacture of street furniture, with strong green credentials it was critical the environmental appeal of their new range of recycling bins was both ecological and aesthetically sound. Recycled ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) was the specified product and the sizes and ranges of injection moulded components differed greatly.

15th February 2018

Injection moulded parts were colour coded to the different recycling streams

If you’ve ever recycled a coffee cup, can, bottle or any item using a public recycling bank, you will understand the complexity of the materials and how the different waste streams need to be managed. The key is to make it obvious and easy, which is why colour coding is so important.

High footfall locations means being vandal proof too

With recycling bins specifically designed for either indoor or outside use, meant the material selection needed to accommodate different criteria. The outside product needed to be UV resistant and resistant to abuse. You will see these recycling bins located at service stations, airports, exhibition centres, train stations, etc. The indoor recycling bins can be found in offices, schools, universities and shopping centres.

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